Surface – Refine – Act: Data-Driven Decision Making

Configuration Manager creates a lot of data.  We can be better systems managers if we can use that data to make decisions, but that process is not always as simple as it sounds.  Often, getting at the data you need in the  console feels like traversing a crevasse. You can see where you want to go, you have a good idea of how you might get there, but when it comes to actually getting across the gap there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye.

This problem often leads to something I like to call data paralysis.  In the same way you might look down with trepidation over the edge of that gap or break out in a cold sweat at the broken rung, surfacing the data you need to make systems management decisions has a lot of ways you can get sidetracked.  We take one look at the gap we need to cross to get make the decision we need, and spend days trying to find a way to fix or fill it– spending a lot of time and effort but going nowhere.

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Build a Better Bridge

The solution to many of the procedure issues that cause gaps in the decision making cycle is to build a better bridge.  This is one of the main reasons we created the Right Click Tools in the first place– when we can surface data more easily, refine that data to a usable state, and then act on it immediately, we avoid data paralysis altogether.   

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The RCT Enterprise Query tool is a perfect example of this: 

If you would like to see more of how the Query tool and other Right Click Tools can help you improve your data-driven decision making– schedule a walkthrough with us.  It’s a quick, low pressure way to learn more about the tools, ask technical questions, and see how the tools can help in your environment.

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