RCT Tip of the Week: Using SUDS to Check Your ADR Work

The Software Update Deployment Status (SUDS) tool, is a great way to check on software update deployments and more proactively manage your environment.  SUDS can also help you address some of the more common Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) issues so you can refine your automation and make sure your processes aren’t missing anything.

Navigate to SUDS: Monitoring tab-> Recast node-> Software Update Deployment Status tool.

Run a scan on the collection your ADR’s target for deployment.

Looking at the non-compliant results, you can determine if there might be ADR issues by checking the “Deployed” column.  If the update is part of your ADR’s and the column shows “False”, check out your ADR’s to see what you might have missed.

For more information about SUDS and the other RCT Security and Compliance Dashboards– check out out the video below, or visit our Wiki.  You can also schedule a demo to talk more specifically how RCT Enterprise can help in your environment.